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Note: at moment someone has a similar site. Do not order anything and be careful. This

scam-site use IFRAMES to transport a vulnarable base 64 code ! You're in danger!

This WebSite; was Created to show people some Carding/Hacking Tutorials.. That means that it was created for educational purposes only. Some techniques on this Onion break the TOS of some websites. Try them at your own risk. I will not be held liable for any illegal actions made by people who get a hold of this report.


Now ! 1st before we begun I've a gift for you guys ..

Is how the fuck you stay anounymous online ! This absolutely necessary before you start buying any of our Products

Take a look to the Image below ...

You can download this documents for free from This link : ( Copy and Past it in your tor Browser )

This File is 100% clean, you can scan it for virus/trojans and other shit before you download it, and after you download it... make your self comfortable



1. Choose your Product Number ..

2. Send the Price to this Bitcoin adress : 1F9kve5QyBH3K8TRWY53iP6u5ts6SZSw32

3. Send e-mail to this adresse :


4. You'll receive your product in less than 24H .. dependes on how much demands we have.

5. IF you don't like the product you can ask for Refund ... which is 80% for you & keep 20% for us.

6. ALL OUR PRODUCT ARE TESTED AND WORKING ... for the Educational purpose ( Last update : 03/20/2016)




product Number : product Name / what does it include ? product Price

Amazon Carding,Fraud and Refund : unclude all the following :

Amazon carding tutorial.pdf

Amazon Refund Scam.pdf


Free Method for Amazon Gift Cards.pdf

Infinite Amazon Money Method.pdf

0.005 BTC



Bank Transfer + Cashout :

Bank Tutorials.pdf

0.007 BTC

Carding + Cashout (CC,Paypal) : unclude all the following :

7 Reasons a Credit Card is blocked.pdf

Basic Carding Tutorial 1.pdf

Carding Tutorial.pdf

Carding Vocabulary and understanding terms.pdf

Credit Card Fraud - A Beginners Guide.pdf

How not to get caught Carding.pdf

Introduction to expert carding.pdf

SOCKS-change your IP to help you cash out cvv from any country.pdf

Verify your PayPal account without a Credit Card.pdf


0.01 BTC

How to get anything for free from Amazon & Ebay ( need investements )

Free Items Guide.pdf

0.01 BTC

Carding Tutorials 2016 : unclude all the following :

Basic Carding for Noobs.pdf

Basic Phishing Tutorial1.pdf

Big Carding tutorial.pdf

Cardable Casino Sites.pdf

Carding - Find local BINs in your area.pdf

Carding - Getting money from your dumps.pdf

How to cashout CC's with anon credit card(confirmed working).pdf

How to Hack a Credit Card.pdf

Verify your PayPal account without a Credit Card.pdf

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Easy Money For all : Include the following : ( Working 20/03/2016 )

220 PDF FILES .... showing 220 way of making money ( Black hat )

some best samples :

How to Get Massive YouTube Traffic.pdf

Exploit an online casino for constant cash.pdf

Earn $100 In 24 Hours On The Internet.pdf

carding dell laptops.pdf

Best Tips for Sharecash.pdf


etc... 220 FILES !!!!!!!! You'll earn so much with this shit.

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The Most Interesting Onion Link that any Newbie Need to Know

( For newbies )

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So you Think you are Pro Hacker ? and  you deserve to Join Anonymous Group ?

This Product is : THE LIST OF ALL ANONYMOUS Challenges... A link to their student Test Group

at end of every month, the first One who unlock many Challenges.. will simply join them

1. If you success ALL Their Exploits/ Tests/Challenges .. You'll Join Anonymous Group ...

 Currently more than 200 challenges are available over 13 categories. Have fun resolving them.

Think Twice before you buy this Product ... is not for Newbies , nor for hackers

Is only for someone who's name is : Kevin Mitnick

are you the next Kevin Mitnick ?

I doubt about that .. so stay away from this product

Thank you

0.5 BTC
Host74 How to Host annonymously an ONION WEBSITE .. for FREE .. and For LIFE .. 250MB .. Full Guide 0.01 BTC


HOT - HOT -HOT -  How to hack a bitcoin wallet. Its bundled with software and detailed Full pdf. Guide


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Secrets01 All you need to know how to get the access to secret websites and dark-networks. Mariana-Web exposed and hacked 0.1 BTC
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Togheter We Stand ... Devided We Fall .. Comrades

we're trusted 100% ...

Honor Cost more than Money

oh by the way :D I almost forgot ... we are the Gift Maker

So before you go.. you should have this gift from us for Free ...

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5. Crypter, Botnet, Keylogger,
6. Stealer & downloaders
7. Crypter, Botnet, Keylogger,
8. binders
9. shells

BE CAUTION : It MAY HARM YOUR COMPUTER ... USE IT with VERTUAL BOX ... I didnt Test all the Softwares

I Repeat Be Fucking Caution ! Those Software are Dangerous !


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